HVAC systems integration
heating, ventilation, air-conditioning


We design building automation systems BMS which integrate within HVAC sub-system the control of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning.

We provide state-of-the-art heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems which include:

  • chilled water generators (chillers), heat control centre, heat pumps and absorption water chillers
  • air-conditioning stations, rooftops, room-top units, fan coil units, precision air-conditioning,
  • air-conditioning systems – for buildings having extensive floor area, for office facilities and public facilities.

Thanks to our effectively designed HVAC installations we are able to provide end-to-end solutions allowing the users to reduce operating costs and to optimise their comfort and well-being in both large scale commercial facilities and also in residential buildings. We provide solutions which do not require complex maintenance activities, which allows for lowering the cost of their repair service. We provide intelligent component selection of HVAC system and ventilation ensuring that you get optimal comfort in the rooms and required performance and high energy efficiency when these components work in partnership. Each component optimises general performance of the system, i.e. its efficiency, operational performance and reliability.

Thanks to our experience we are able to install an integrated ventilation and air-conditioning system customised to suit specific site requirements, in large manufacturing plants, catering premises, as well as in public facilities.

Buildings Management Systems (BMS)

4The Building Automation and Management Systems feature technologically advanced solutions for the effective control of installations fixed in a given building. BMS is an integrated system which allows for monitoring and management of all devices and systems which are in a given building and its environment. BMS is an important element of intelligent building. BMS gathers data across the whole building into a central resource and allows for real time reaction to changes of external and internal environment conditions, so as to achieve optimal energy and media consumption and to improve functionality, safety and comfort. Building management systems are designed to do the following: integrate, monitor, control and optimise the functioning of installations or technical devices within buildings. BMS systems perform the following functions: indoor and outdoor lighting control, room temperature control, ventilation control, filtration and climate control, alarm and monitoring systems control, UPS control, smoke ventilation system control, fire flaps control and monitoring, other building automation systems integration.

Air-conditioning systems

Contemporary air-conditioning systems feature modern and technologically advanced solutions which not only cool the air down, but also properly dry it and control its humidity. The quality of air has a great influence on our health and well-being, for this reason, ensuring comfort by selecting suitable air-conditioning system which will remove pollutants and maintain suitable temperature and humidity is really worth it. Our technical solutions are energy efficient and silent. We will provide you with expert advice and assist you in choosing a suitable air-conditioning appliance which will meet all your requirements, improve the comfort of use and run faultlessly for many years to come.