Repair and Maintenance


Maintenance and Repair Service

Reliable and effective functioning of systems and building installations is of particular importance from the perspective of effectiveness and reliability of their operation. We take this matter very seriously and consequently we make every effort to ensure that our clients are provided with top quality maintenance and repair service.

We have years of experience in maintenance and repair service of the solutions which we offer. Our engineers have the know-how and technical resources which allow us to handle tasks professionally. We carry out periodical inspections of fire detection and alarm systems, acoustic warning systems, low voltage installations and ICT systems, electronic security systems, building automation systems (BAS) and building management systems (BMS), electrical installations and HVAC of various manufacturers. We have all necessary accreditations and qualifications to carry out such service of equipment.

We make sure that our installations and building systems have the highest operating performance and parameters. We carry out routine maintenance inspections of equipment to ensure its dependable performance for many years to come. We are fully aware that the key factor affecting performance of installed systems is their efficient and uninterrupted operation, that is why we treat all failure notices with utmost priority. We are focused on flexibility and professionalism of undertaken actions which allow us to rectify faults quickly. We ensure on-time task delivery and Clients satisfaction.

Speedy rectification of faults

We treat all failure notices with utmost priority. Our highly qualified personnel will render assistance should they detect any damage or equipment malfunction. We rectify faults diagnosed during maintenance service quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our repair centre we are able to make the repairs in-house.

We provide immediate assistance to our clients (even after 4 hrs) within our warranty and post warranty service.

Proven track record

We provide continuous maintenance and repair services to major Polish companies and institutions, as well as to multinational retail networks. Our client base includes: Telekomunikacja Polska, Polish National Clearing House, Polish Commissioner for Patient’s Rights, CANAL +, KOLPORTER, E.LECLERC, MARKET PLANET, multi-markets: JULA, EURO RTV AGD, ALMA delicatessen and Kaufland supermarkets. We also provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services to office buildings, i. a: Jasna 26, Warsaw Trade Tower, Concept Tower, Adgar West Park and plenty more.

Our business partners have appreciated the high quality of our maintenance and repair services by recommending us to their clients. We provide services of superlative quality, whereby we have earned the trust of market leaders. Maintaining high standards of service allows us to attract new clients.

Repair and Maintenance

We make sure that our clients’ building systems are in optimum running order. We carry out routine inspections of equipment to ensure its dependable performance for many years to come. Our maintenance service includes not only annual inspections of the building systems which we offer but also full maintenance and repair programme which includes comprehensive support covering periodic inspections, rectification of failures and

replacement spares supply for the time of repair. We offer efficient repair service throughout Poland. We have service teams in all big cities in Poland and therefore we can reach the remotest corners of our country in barely a few hours. We invest in state-of-the-art solutions. In our everyday work we provide remote fault diagnostics and repair service of systems, which enables us to react even faster to failure notices. We carry out comprehensive maintenance and repair service of a vast array of systems and building installations. We offer full warranty and post warranty service for a wide range of solutions:

  • Electronic security systems
  • Water and Gas Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire hydrant systems
  • Low Voltage Installations
  • Building Automation System (BAS) and BMS
  • ICT installations
  • Electrical Installations:
  • HVAC installations.

Our range of services also includes measurement controls of electrical installations, light intensity and speech recognition. At the client’s request we also draw up inventory lists of all the employed installations and equipment.

Brands and Partners

We work directly with the manufacturers of solutions which we offer. We are authorised by manufacturers to service numerous systems popular on the Polish market. Our engineers regularly take part in specialized courses and training programs. Experience, knowledge and many years of practice allow us for servicing solutions provided by such global brands like:

  • ABT-Ventas, Ambient, Bosch, D+H, Esser, Polon Alfa, Schrack, Tyco, Variodyn, Zettler,
  • Aritech, DSC, Galaxy, RISCO, Roger, Satel, Paradox,
  • Alnet, American Dynamics, AXIS, BCS, GeoVision, Introx, NOVUS, NUUO, PELCO, Urmet, Vivotek,
  • Dexilon, Iridium, Sensormatic, TagIT,
  • Delta Controls, Johnson Controls, Schneider TAC,
  • a-Lan, Brand-Rex, Datwyler, Dr@kom, Eurolan, Molex, Panduit, R&M,
  • LUG, Fagerhult, OMS Lighting, Plexiform, Steinel, Trilux, Zuntobel,
  • Emerson, APC.

Documentation, Audit

Once they have gained an understanding of requirements and criteria which are to be met, the team of engineers can move on to preparing: technical documentation, tender documentation or request for proposals. Depending on the needs, they prepare technical materials containing necessary documentation according to the arrangements made and with respect to binding regulations. All the materials are compiled in a highly professional way, paying special attention to high level of workmanship and ensuring conformity to the adopted criteria.

Consultancy and technical projects, ideas of comprehensive system solutions

Nowadays, there is no limit to technical solutions, but the sale of services and equipment is not enough. What really counts is the know-how and expertise, thanks to which you can furnish the interested party with accurate and relevant information and thoroughly analyse a given issue with them. Such an approach ensures a solid and comprehensive project execution, because the designed installations have to be tailored to individual needs in order to meet the requirements of future users. All projects should be executed in a way which allows for further development, modernisation and extension of use. Substantial technical resources facilitate visual presentations of created projects, which enables the investor to see what the project is going to look like upon completion.

Installations are going to be reliable provided that they have been executed on the basis of a well thought out project according to respective project plans. For that very reason, it is so important to pay special attention to the quality of performed projects. They are carried out by highly-qualified engineers who pride themselves on their extensive experience in drafting technical designs. The cost of an executed project depends on the quality and accuracy of the technical design. This matter should be taken into account at the design stage to prevent the client from incurring unnecessary costs. A good design is the key to success. As the experienced contractors say – good project designs are executed much more easily and efficiently.

Tests, Measurement controls

We carry out measurements of LAN networks in order to obtain a certificate of compliance with binding regulations and standards. Cabling system is verified with professional-grade testers at the installation point. Our qualified installers will commission and configure the equipment. A properly functioning network, which means that the installation job has been done correctly, is then taken over by network administrators under their supervision.

During the network operation it may happen that as the time goes by and the number of network devices increases its proper functioning becomes impaired. That is why, it is so important to meticulously test all the parameters of LAN cabling system and to obtain a certificate which guarantees proper and uninterrupted work of the network. The following parameters of the cabling need to be measured: wire-map, cable length, propagation delay, delay skew, resistance, attenuation, impedance, return loss, Near End Crosstalk (NEXT), Far End Crosstalk (FEXT), Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio (ACR).

We carry out periodic tests and measurements to ensure safety of electrical installations, which require regular inspection of their condition during operation. The results obtained help ensure your electrical installation is functioning properly.